Be Well and Utilise your Lunch Break

Taking your lunch break is a practice that significantly contributes to your overall well-being and productivity. Stepping away from your to-do list and engaging in a different activity during your lunchtime, can positively offer a much-needed opportunity to recharge both mentally and physically. By prioritising your break, you are fostering a healthier life balance and demonstrating self-care. Remember, taking time for yourself isn't just a luxury – it's an essential investment in your overall health and effectiveness.

For those fortunate enough to work or reside in this charming location, the lunchtime walk presents you with historic architecture and stunning landscapes that defines Richmond. Taking a leisurely stroll during your midday break offers a refreshing respite from daily demands, with a host of physical and mental perks.

An opportunity to stretch your legs, clear your mind, and recharge for the afternoon ahead, this leisurely exercise can invigorate your body, enhancing circulation, relieve stress, aid digestion, and elevate energy levels for the remainder of the day. As you breathe in the fresh air, your body releases endorphins, fostering a sense of positivity and reducing anxiety.

This simple yet rewarding habit can enhance focus, as well as foster a deeper connection with nature. So, embrace the beauty of Richmond and seize the health benefits of a lunchtime walk.

Be Richmond is launching a free, new guided wellness walk on Wednesday, 13th September at 12.30pm on the Little Green opposite Richmond Theatre. Following the launch, both the ‘Green and Grounding’ walk and a second ‘Flow of Inspiration’ walk also narrated by Soul Hub will be free to download with directions and mindfulness exercises available en route via a series of QR codes.

If walking is not your thing, be sure to check out our Be Well Wednesday calendar to find free activities every Wednesday in collaboration with Soul Hub:

Be Well Wednesday Calendar Sept - Dec 2023

Wellness Wednesday Booking page

Be Well and Utilise your Lunch Break

About Richmond

Richmond is an affluent residential district bordering the River Thames. Tranquil Kew Gardens attracts botanical enthusiasts and families with its huge Arboretum, 17th-century Kew Palace, and panoramic views from its Treetop Walkway. Herds of deer roam Richmond Park, a popular picnic spot. The Quadrant main street and nearby roads have eclectic shops, casual and upscale dining, and performances at Richmond Theatre.