Street Security Team

On Patrol in Richmond

The Be Richmond Street Security Team has become a familiar sight in Richmond town centre, particularly in key areas like George Street and Richmond Riverside.

The team comprises two experienced operatives who patrol the designated Richmond BID area from 4pm until midnight on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


The team’s main role is to deter low-level crime and anti-social behaviour by providing a visible on-street presence. Operatives are equipped with STRATA STREET DATA, an intelligent, dynamic, mobile app which records any crime and environmental issues and relays the information to appropriate organisations including the Metropolitan Police and Richmond Council.

The team also has an ambassadorial role in the community, including helping tourists and assisting the public with wayfinding and Richmond-related advice.

How You Can Help

Your feedback is really important to help guide the work of the Street Security Team and Be Richmond. Please see the contact details on this page for how to get in touch with the team directly or via Be Richmond.



To contact the team directly call:

07812 238614
07841 471691

For general queries about Be Richmond:

020 3846 6358

Rebeca Hercheui from Hounslow, who was in Richmond with her daughter Sophia, is a big fan of the Street Security Team:

“Richmond has been a favourite place in my family for generations. It’s in such a beautiful setting and there are so many things to do and see. The Street Security Team is a great idea because it means people visiting the town will feel even safer”


The team is on patrol from 4pm until midnight every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The team operates throughout the Be Richmond/Richmond BID designated area, with special attention given to important hotspots including Richmond town centre, the riverside area and Richmond Hill.

The Street Security Team has two main roles. The first of these is to provide a visible presence in Richmond town centre in order to deter low level crime and anti-social behaviour.

In addition, the team performs an ambassadorial role to Richmond visitors and tourists by giving directions and advising about events and activities.

Yes. The team is equipped with STRATA STREET DATA, a mobile app which records any crime and environmental issues and relays the information to the Metropolitan Police and also, where appropriate, to Richmond Council.

Team members wear body cameras to record incidents and footage is shared with the Metropolitan Police and other statutory bodies.

No. They act as ‘eyes and ears’ for the police and report incidents promptly. Their intervention has already limited the impact of several incidents and led to arrests.

They are undergoing CSAS accreditation which will enable them to confiscate alcohol, ask for identification when an incident occurs and ask cyclists to dismount the pavement.

The Street Security Team uses the highly regarded Townlink radio system, a proven, successful method for targeting shop theft and anti-social behaviour.

For security and safety reasons, the team always operates as a pair.

The team can be contacted directly by mobile phone or via Be Richmond/Richmond BID.

See contact details on this page

No. The Street Security Team’s services are funded by Be Richmond/Richmond BID as part of their aim to keep Richmond safe and allow workers, visitors and residents to enjoy the town’s unrivalled setting and facilities.

A man (on his own) emerged from a bush and said “don’t worry about us, we’re just having a smoke”. He then started walking around the bush saying “where’s my friend gone?”.