Foot Solutions

If you live in the Richmond upon Thames area and suffer from foot, knee, hip or back pain, or from conditions like poor balance that affect your mobility, there’s a local business which can probably help.

Since opening in 2010, Foot Solutions, in Red Lion Street Richmond, has helped thousands of people overcome pain and improve their quality of life. The store, which is owned by Richmond BID Vice Chair Gabriel Irwin, is part of the world-renowned Foot Solutions group which has over 240 outlets across 16 countries.

The Foot Solutions proposition focuses on the feet being the foundations of the body and the key role the soles of the feet play in supporting and propelling the body. If feet are not properly aligned and supported, it is likely that the rest of the body will also be out of alignment. This can, in turn, cause problems throughout the body especially in joints like knees, hips and the spine.

Foot Solutions help customers by providing custom arch supports (also known as orthotics) tailored to the contours of each individual foot and by supplying stylish, comfortable and well-constructed footwear.

They use a proven three-step process involving assessment, support and footwear.

Because no two feet are the same, each foot is accurately measured in terms of both length and width. Consultants then examine each foot to identify any issues and conduct a posture and balance analysis. Digital mapping technology is then used to create a topographic map of each foot to determine the exact areas where support is needed.

At this stage, consultants also carry out a detailed gait analysis (assessing standing and walking postures) and a lifestyle assessment.

The foot assessment allows consultants to produce a personalised ‘support plan’ for the customer’s feet and their lifestyle needs. This usually involves custom arch supports which are designed to help achieve “perfect body alignment” and optimum weight distribution on the feet.

The final part of the process involves providing footwear that can accommodate custom arch supports and provide a perfect fit for the customer’s feet. Foot Solutions Richmond store stocks a wide range of stylish, comfortable men’s and women’s footwear in all sizes and half sizes.

As the National Association of Shoe Fitters point out, footwear is the only item of clothing that can seriously damage your health. Well-made shoes that fit properly are therefore essential for comfort and mobility.

Foot Solutions Richmond source shoes, boots, sandals and trainers for all occasions and all requirements from leading manufacturers around the world, including Ziera, Finn Comfort, Mephisto, Solidus and Xsensible.

Their consultants ensure that all footwear is expertly fitted to provide maximum comfort and support.

Gabriel Irwin commented:

“It’s an honour to serve a ‘real’ community like Richmond.  We receive great feedback from all our customers, including residents, people who come from afar and medical professionals. As 70% of our transactions are repeat business, it seems we must to be doing something right.”

Foot Solutions was founded in 2000 by Raymond J. Margiano, Ph.D., who studied pedorthics at Temple University and spent over 20 years in the footwear industry.


Foot Solutions Richmond
4 Red Lion St
Richmond TW9 1RW

Tel: 020 8940 1814