Street Cleaning and Management

Given the strong retail, hospitality and cultural offer in Richmond, it is important that the town centre presents itself well to everyone who uses it. Street cleaning and management is therefore an important factor in attracting and retaining shoppers, visitors and workers.

To this end, CC Infrastructure Services (CC-IS) have been appointed to undertake street cleansing in the town. The company has over 15 years experience and has worked with many BIDs. Most work is chemical-free and uses a medium pressure, high heat jet wash to remove grime, dirt and chewing gum. If a deeper clean is required to remove heavy staining, environmentally-friendly specialist cleaning agents are used.

More recently, CC-IS have been using anti-COVID-19 disinfectant spray on key people-facing touchpoints across the Be Richmond footprint, to help make the town safe for shoppers, visitors and workers. Read more here