Green Spaces & Riverside

Green Spaces and Riverside

For a thriving, busy town, Richmond is lucky to have a stunning riverside setting and beautiful green spaces where people can relax and enjoy the surroundings.

The river Thames runs alongside the town and offers enjoyable towpath walking and cycling opportunities. The riverside also hosts many events including the Great River Race, Richmond Runfest and more recently, our popular Get On Board Paddle Board event.

Richmond Green is an open recreation area located close to the town centre. It has been described as one of the most beautiful urban greens in England.

Terrace Gardens, which can be found between Richmond Hill and Petersham Road, offers spectacular views of the river from an area which combines mature woodland and a mix of formal and informal planting. The viewing area from Richmond Hill gives a panoramic view of the capital taking in the river Thames, royal parks and palaces and was protected by law in 1902.

Throughout the centuries, Richmond has inspired some of the great British writers and artists; William Wordsworth famously wrote about its spectacular views and John Constable painted it.