Whittaker Ave

Whittaker Avenue

Head down to Whittaker Avenue, TW9 1EH, on Saturday 13th of August from 1pm, for the Grand Opening of a stunning new pop-up garden space. Following the success of We Gather at Whittaker Avenue, presented by Be Richmond in autumn last year, Whittaker Avenue will once again be transformed into a vibrant and engaging outdoor…

PK Group Pension

5 Common Pension Mistakes that Could Harm Your Retirement

In this guest blog, Tim Philpott of Richmond-based PK Group, lists 5 easy-to-implement pension tips that will help you take control of your financial future. As a team, we’ve been helping people with their finances for a combined total of around 100 years. We primarily work with employers on Workplace Financial Education – helping employees…


UK Gas and Electricity Markets – What is Going On?

In this guest blog by Noah Andrle of Nationwide Utilities, he explains what is happening in the energy markets and advises as to the options available. What is going on with the UK gas and electricity markets? Everyone will have heard something about UK wholesale electricity and gas prices reaching unprecedented levels. In the last…

The Source Bulk Foods, Shop Front

5 Amazing Benefits of Buying Bulk Foods

Guest blog, by Makayla Drummond-Murray of The Source Bulk Foods, Richmond 5 impressive environmental and financial benefits of buying your food in bulk. Since opening our doors in April 2021, the Richmond community has welcomed The Source Bulk Foods with open arms and have quickly embraced our zero-waste ethos! Richmond is such a vibrant community…


House of Fraser Site – Development Update

Update February 2022 Since the guest blog below was first posted in August 2021, circumstances have changed and Canadian and Arcadia have made the following announcement: “Since the plans were consented in 2021, we have been working incredibly hard to secure tenants for 80 George Street and have engaged with a number of well-known retailers…

Dementia Friendly Communities Richmond

Dementia Friendly Communities Richmond

Dementia – How the Community in Richmond Can Help Almost everyone knows someone affected by dementia, even if it’s people we have never met, such as Barbara Windsor or Terry Jones. The condition directly affects around 850,000 people in the UK and impacts on the lives of over a million people including carers, families and…

144 On The Hill Roast

Tasty takeaways to make eating at home a treat…

Guest Blog by Sophie Porter, Director of Marketing at Richmond Hill Hotel. The Prime Minister’s recent announcement regarding the proposed ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown outlined the tests and steps involved in a gradual return to normality. What many people are looking forward to, is the chance to enjoy a delicious meal with friends or family…

Sir Richard Burton Mausoleum

Connect with nature and heritage to improve wellbeing

Mausoleum of Sir Richard Burton in Sheen Guest blog by Colin Cooper, CEO, Habitats & Heritage. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a big impact on people’s mental wellbeing. The mental health charity Mind[i] found that more than half of adults and over two thirds of young people said their mental health had declined during the…

Two girls with fresh veg

Teaching Children about Healthy, Sustainable Food

Local Charity on a Mission to Prevent Obesity through Food Education. Guest blog by Stephanie Slater of School Food Matters Founded in 2007, School Food Matters was born out of a grassroots campaign that transformed school meals for 38 primary schools in Richmond. The charity is on a mission to teach children about food and…

Marble Hill House

Music, picnics and making a difference

Enjoy a picnic and free live music at Marble Hill House – and help The Poppy Factory support veterans into work. Guest blog by Alice Barrett, Partnerships Manager at The Poppy Factory As the summer sun continues to shine on Richmond, it’s a wonderful time to head out for a picnic. There are surely few…

V Woolf bronze statue

Virginia Woolf at Richmond Riverside

How a Bronze Statue of Famous Author Could Boost the Local Economy. With the loss of shoppers to the high street, towns across the UK are realizing that heritage is one of their main assets for attracting new visitors. Literary tourism tends to bring in visitors from both a higher socio-economic background and from outside…

Waterstones Safe SPACE

Making Richmond Safe for Retail Reopening

Safe S.P.A.C.E. Initiative designed to reassure shoppers. In order to support Richmond’s retailers by reassuring shoppers that the town is a safe place to visit, shop and explore, Be Richmond have launched the Safe S.P.A.C.E Initiative. Recent research studies suggest that between 36% and 44% of people have serious concerns about leaving lockdown and coming…

Richmond anti-coronavirus spraying in Richmond

Deep Cleansing of Richmond with Anti-COVID-19 Spray

Reassurance for shoppers and visitors ahead of retail reopening Listen to  Gabriel Irwin, Be Richmond Vice Chair, discussing the initiative on BBC Radio London   In what is believed to be the first action of its type in London, businesses in Richmond town centre are funding a programme of regular deep cleansing of people-facing surfaces…

WFH image

5 Steps to Working From Home (WFH) Harmony

What to do when your family become your co-workers during the lockdown Guest blog by Freddie De Luca at Concord Conflict Solutions During this lockdown many businesses are having to operate from home. Whilst this brings some benefits, such as avoiding the rush hour commute, it also brings challenges. One such challenge is how to…

Running during the lockdown

Top Tips for New Runners During the Lockdown

Guest blog by local running coach Chrissie Stephenson, who gives some tips to people thinking of trying running as their exercise allowance during the COVID-19 lockdown. If you’re looking for a new exercise during the lockdown (now that the gyms are shut) and are thinking of trying running, here are a few tips that have…

Person reflecting

Time to reflect, recharge and reset

Guest blog by Sarah Mayo, Co-Founder of POINT3 Wellbeing, who explains that the current lockdown gives us a unique opportunity to reflect, recharge and reset. Time is often cited as the greatest luxury we have. Something special and rare. Now, time has taken on a whole new meaning. Whether in terms of our disposable time,…


5 Sustainable Shopping Tips from Nordic Outdoor

Despite being newcomers to Richmond, we’ve already noticed the emphasis that our Richmond customers place on sustainability. While the easiest way to be more sustainable is simply to shop less we thought we would look into five of our top tips on how to become a more sustainable shopper!


Running Back to Happiness

Guest Blog by Chrissie Stephenson Stuck in a rut with your health? Need to de-stress, re-energise and refocus? Don’t know where to start? This inspirational blog by local running coach Chrissie Stephenson will give you all the encouragement you need. In the post, Chrissie describes how she overcame great adversity to set up a successful…